Tony Hoskins Clay Shooting

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I offer a range of services and packages.

So whether you want to be introduced to

the sport,or tackle a particular issue and 

improve your shooting ability, 

​I can help you!

Type of lessons:

Have a Go Session:

As the name suggests - this session is purely have a go to see if you like clay shooting.  All clays cartridges & equipment provided with 1:1 instruction 

Beginners: Discover Clay Target Shooting

An introduction to shooting, this package is perfect if you are looking to try clay target shooting for the first time. This package lasting 1.5 to 2 hours, covering the basics of safety and gun handling procedure and providing the opportunity to shoot 25 simple targets. Upon completion you will receive a CPSA certificate of participation. This package is limited to 1-2 people .  (Approximately 3 hrs for 2 people)

Experience Building Package/ Shotgun Skills: Modules 2-4

This is the CPSA Academy Shotgun Skills Course and expands on the skills and knowledge learned in the Discover Clay Target Shooting package.  Having learned the ten key points of safety and basic shooting procedures, being able to handle and load a shotgun safely, shoot up to 50 targets of increasing difficulty using the CPSA Method culminating in a simple pair.  On satisfactory completion you will be considered safe to shoot unsupervised.  On successful completion of the Discover Clay Target Shooting course and the Shotgun Skills course, you will receive a CPSA Shotgun Skills Certificate, Badge and your achievements entered into your personal Qualification Log Book.  The Log Book is personal to you and can be used to record further achievements.  The Log Book can be shown to the Clay Grounds you may visit and stands as testament to your experience enabling you to shoot without the need for supervision (licence permitting). These sessions also cover a selection of advanced shooting techniques such as Gun Down, Swing Through, Maintained Lead, Cut Off and Spot shooting. 

Personal 1:1 Coaching:


Designed to provide a flexible teaching programme to suit your personal needs - assess your current ability, identify problems specific to you and provide remedial solutions that you will be able to put into practice in your coaching sessions, and thereafter.  The goal is to improve your performance and confidence with consistent progress enabling you to unlock your maximum potential.

During a typical session we will also cover the following:

the fundamentals of proper gun fit

eye dominance

target reading

various methods to breaking targets

mental preparation

​Sessions can be booked in one or two hour slots.

I am based in the South East of England and I Coach in the following areas:


Kent (Dartford)


Surrey (two venues)


AC Sporting Targets     - West London

((Alternative locations also possible uk wide -   All year round ))

Guided Sporting Course:

This is recommended for shooters with some previous shooting experience.  You will be guided around a sporting course and given advice on how to approach each target.  A maximum of 2 people.   Please contact me for pricing.


Please note: I do not stop for poor weather conditions unless deemed dangerous or unsafe to shoot.

The CPSA Clay Target Shooting Handbook provides an indepth insight into the sport. The handbook covers Sporting and Skeet are the most popular and well known disciplines, as well as some simpler disciplines such as Down The Line to more challenging discplines such as Automatic Ball Trap,Olympic skeet,Olympic trap,Double trap, Helice,

Universal Trench,and FITASC. Simply click and download to read the Pdf document.